ESTATE HOMES Years of experience give us a total understanding of project requirements allowing us to work closely with builders on custom home projects.

COMMERCIAL PROJECTS Uniline supplies the wood moulding needs of general contractors and millwork companies for hotels, commercial and institutional buildings.

CUSTOM PROFILING AND TOOLWORK In house tooling manufacturer, Uniline excels in the replicating of existing moulding profiles to renovation specialists for period and historic architecture, matching profiles, shapes, and species.

TRANSPORTATION Transport and documentation arrangements to your workplace or job site are custom tailored to your needs and schedules to ensure your commitments are met.

QUALITY PRODUCT Our extensive product line has been developed from years of servicing the trim industry. Premium grades of lumber are carefully fashioned for customer satisfaction.

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Uniline Fine Wood Mouldings was formed in 1986 as a manufacturer to supply the needs of a large Niagara area retailer. Tooling for an inventory of hundreds of profiles was developed, establishing it as the largest warehousing operation for wood moulding in Niagara.

Uniline represents the re-emergence of a highly regarded product line into the Niagara Peninsula construction industry. An eight year history under a parent corporation gave it the economic breathing room to develop a superior product line and production method, successfully supplying moulding products to distributors in both the residential and commercial sectors of the construction industry.

Further to this basic training period, an ongoing program of inventory and quality control, production scheduling, and all other aspects of the desired method of production are carefully maintained.

In house tooling, manufacture and maintenance allow Uniline to produce product for every circumstance and application whether it be custom specified by your designer or architect, or in reproduction work where existing profiles have to be matched.

Key personnel have been with the Company for a number of years and fully understand the products and services they are providing, while maintaining a close working relationship with their customers.

Call us at 905-685-8505, Fax 905 685-3116 or contact us via e-mail