Before getting started, it is extremely important to understand the terminology of the components you will require.

Any item used in the hanging of door, or trimming an archway, such as jamb, casing , backband, and stop, is typically sold in a set. A set basically consists of 3 pieces, (usually 1 piece 3' long and 2 pieces 7' long). A further description of these items will follow.

To trim a single door opening you will require:

1 set jamb

2 sets casing

2 sets backband (optional)

1 set stop

When measuring your door openings, it is best to check your rough opening sizes early. In areas of new construction, this is ideally done before the drywall stage. At this time it is usually easier to correct a framing error. The alternative is to alter the door itself to accommodate the opening size. This is not desirable as it will usually void any warranty offered by the door manufacturer.

Standard doors for today's residential market are typically 6'8" in height. All UNILINE stock inventory set products are made to accommodate this size. Items for oversize door heights must be made to order.

Door widths generally start at 1'0" and increase in increments of 2" through to 3'0". The time should be taken to check with your door manufacturer as a full range of widths are not always available with some door products.

The rough stud opening or "RSO" for all hinged and bi-folding type doors should be 2" wider than the finished door width, and 2 1/2" higher than the finished door height. The same holds true for pairs of doors, the RSO should be 2" wider than the overall finished width of both doors.


1 2'6" X 6'8" door
RSO = 2'8" X 6'10 1/2"


2 1 pair 2'6" X 6'8" door

RSO = 5'2" X 6'10 1/2"

The first step then, in calculating your order is to measure up all door openings so you can calculate your set materials. Trimmed arches should also be noted as they will require the same components (except stop) as door openings.

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